Service Across Cultures
(half-day or full day)

The Service Across Cultures programme has been designed to increase your staff’s awareness of other cultures and give them practical skills and advice to help them communicate effectively with visitors or clients from overseas.

We will give your staff tips and techniques to help them provide a great service for all customers – from using appropriate gestures to avoiding the use of slang and jargon. We’ll get them to think about their own cultural background too, and how that shapes their perception of others.

Programme content:

  • The importance of overseas tourism to your business
  • How their own culture and traditions can affect their view of others
  • How to avoid making assumptions
  • Common myths about some of the UK’s biggest overseas markets
  • How may I help you ?
  • Tips & techniques to help communication where there is a language barrier

Each delegate receives a pin and personalised certificate on completing the course. This course can be completed in a half-day but is better suited to a full day for delegates to fully experience and apply the learning.