Travel Weekly 16 Feb 07

National Occupational Standards
for the travel industry

One responsibility of sector skills council People 1st is to set the National Occupational Standards (NOS) for travel. According to
‘NOS define the competencies which apply to job roles or occupations. They cover the key activities undertaken within the occupation in question under all the circumstances the job holder is likely to encounter.’

But there’s scant knowledge of NOS among the trade. The NOS themselves are not easy to find. They are on the Skills for Business website ‘ ‘ not the People 1st site. So do the NOS cover all the circumstances the job holder is likely to encounter? Could the NOS be better tied into existing qualifications? Perhaps NOS might be more widely adopted if they took this training and experience into account.

People 1st has been criticised, perhaps unfairly, for ignoring the travel trade. We must help ourselves, and support our representatives Richard Carrick and Martin Wellings, by making our views known to gain our share of government funding.

Gary Grieve, Capela Travel Training