Travel Weekly 12 December 2008

‘Don’t do the hard sell on social networks’

Travel businesses using online social networking websites to promote their businesses must avoid the hard sell.

Travel marketing company Capela Travel Training founding director Gary Grieve said blogs, social networks and user-generated content are effective ways of marketing your business.

However, he said businesses will suffer if they succumb to the temptation to really promote your product.

Grieve said: “Don’t ever go in for the hard sell, it is the worst thing you can do and will switch people off straight away.”

He also urged delegates to drive their sites further up search engine results by creating new content, which can be in the form of user-generated content, linking your site to others, ensuring your title bar has words that people will search on and taking advantage of social networking.

He said Facebook has seen rapid growth, with an increase of more than 700% users in a year to more than eight million in January.

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