Travel Trade Gazette 11 July 08

Brochures & Leaflets – getting it right

The humble printed word is still an excellent way to reach potential clients. But creating successful brochures and leaflets can be tricky. Here, production experts offer advice for agents and operators alike. By Olivia Hemmings

SMS messages, blogs and email alerts may be the latest marketing methods but the traditional travel brochure and direct mail leaflets have endured the test of time. While the shift of content online is undeniable, very few operators have chosen to axe these older methods to reach potential market sectors. And who can blame them?

‘Good quality images and copy, laid out in a format that’s easily digestible, can bring products and services immediately to life for a client’, says Jacinta Massey, director of marketing solutions and event management firm HQM Projects.

But putting together such marketing material should not be underestimated. Gary Grieve, managing director of Capela, a training body offering marketing skills to travel and tourism professionals, has devised a one-day workshop on brochure and leaflet production in response to demand for tips and guidance from those who oversee what can be quite a timely and complex project.

e breaks the full-day course into 5 main sessions: planning and budget; layout and price presentation; copywriting and photography; working with graphic designers; and production, paper and print.

According to Grieve, all 5 aspects are equally important.
‘There are so many elements involved in putting together a brochure or leaflet and you have to strike a fine balance between them. You need all of them to make it work but any one of them can make it all go wrong’ he warns.

Capela’s next brochure/leaflet production workshops take place in London on 24 Sep and 18 Nov. More details on