CIM Marketing Course FAQs


How long does the course last?+

The CIM Level 4 Certificate in Professional Marketing consists of 3 modules which can be studied in any order. Each module (part-time) takes 3-4 months. The course is usually completed in 12-15 months but Capela allows delegates to roll on and off for up to 2 years without any further charges (only the CIM annual fee to consider).

When can I start?+

With Capela you can start more or less any time. If the current module schedule doesn’t fit with your needs simply look to the following one. Click here for starting schedules.

What will I learn?+

Successful completion of the CIM Level 4 Certificate in Professional Marketing will establish the knowledge, skills and understanding to be able to perform at an operational level and to carry out an essential and successful professional marketing role within the workplace.

There are 3 modules:

  • Marketing, consisting of 3 areas: the marketing concept; analysis & insight; the marketing mix. Assessment is by multiple-choice exam.
  • Integrated Communications, consisting of 3 areas: internal marketing; value proposition; marketing communications. Assessment is by assignment.
  • Digital Marketing, consisting of 3 areas: digital landscape; digital toolkit; digital in action. Assessment is by portfolio, comprising research, plan and report.

Please note Capela Training offers only the Digital Marketing elective module, not Customer Experience.

What is the study method?+

Most of the study is guided independent learning with access to a supportive tutor online or by phone. This is supplemented by a series of online tutorials available to all delegates either live or on catch up.

What are Capela’s fees?+

The price is £400 (plus VAT) if you pay per module. If you pay for all 3 modules together the whole course is £1100 (plus VAT).

What are the CIM’s fees?+

In order to participate in CIM assessments you need to be a CIM studying member. This costs £50 for one year. Each module carries an assessment fee of £140. So, if you complete 3 modules within a year the total cost will be £470. These fees are identical with all study centres.

What is Capela’s pass rate?+

Since 2011 Capela delegateCIM commendation1s have achieved 98% success, including several successive sessions of 100% success. We’ve received repeated commendations from CIM for the high standards consistently achieved. Capela’s pass rate has never dipped below 95%. The current Level 4 average pass rate for UK delegates is 83%, for overseas delegates is 72%.

How many hours of studying are required?+

This varies hugely by delegate but 6-8 hours per week for 10 weeks (so 60-80 hours per module) is fairly typical. Starting earlier will enable you to spread the learning over a longer period.

How is the Certificate assessed?+

This qualification uses a variety of assessment methods. The Marketing module is assessed by one 2-hour multiple choice exam paper. Integrated Communications is a work-based assignment 12 pages in length. Digital Marketing is assessed by a Portfolio of activities, which may include reports, a podcast, a blog and a web design.

Pass marks of grade A (distinction), B (merit) and C (pass) are awarded for each module individually.

Do I have to study all 3 modules?+

No, you can study any of the 3 modules individually and receive an Award. If you subsequently add the others then the Certificate still applies when all 3 are completed. If you have previously completed a CIM or CAM qualification you might be exempted from the Marketing module. Please contact us if this might apply.

Is Capela only for tourism and hospitality?+

Not at all. This has been our long-term specialisation so we naturally attract delegates from the sector. However, we’ve been running CIM digital marketing courses for all sectors since 2010 and have also successfully accommodated delegates from PR, media, advertising, recruitment, education and training, marine engineering, undersea drilling and the public sector. Everyone is included!

What are the entry requirements?+

To enter at this level delegates must have at least ‘A’ level standard of education or 2 years relevant experience broadly in the marketing field.

What does Level 4 mean?+

This Certificate is mapped against national educational standards at Level 4, equivalent to a Foundation degree. However it is studied by delegates at all levels including post-graduate because of its specialist and current content.

How do I book?+

Complete the online booking form.