Booking terms and conditions

Capela Ltd’, otherwise known as ‘Capela Training’, is referred to as ‘Capela’ throughout this document.

  1. The student is responsible for membership and examination registration with the Chartered Institute of Marketing and the payment of all associated fees.
  2. Payment in full (or staged payment if agreed for a self-funding student) must be received before any materials are delivered and any tuition is provided.
  3. Non-receipt of staged payments will result in the suspension of tuition.
  4. Capela tuition fees include the items listed on the website and no other items.
  5. Capela reserves the right to revise tuition fees at any time prior to receipt of deposit.
  6.  Payments to Capela will be by cheque, payable to Capela Ltd, or by bank transfer.
  7. Cancellations of courses by students will incur a minimum charge of 50% of the invoice value, provided that all supplied materials are returned in perfect condition and that no tuition has been provided to the student. Where tuition of any sort has been provided no refund will be offered.
  8. Capela provides tuition for students for a normal course duration of 12 months. If students attend tutorials and pursue the project/exam assignment programme with intent and vigour and fail to complete the course, Capela will usually agree to extend tuition without further charge for up to another 12 months.
  9. Should book publishers choose to reprint text books, Capela does not undertake to re-supply the latest versions.
  10. Copyright of all study material supplied during the study of the course remains the property of Capela.
  11.  Capela reserves the right to cancel, reschedule or relocate any physical or online tutorials; where possible an alternative will be offered. Due notice will be given of any cancellation. If this is not possible a refund will be made. Capela will pay no consequential loss expenses or other fees.
  12. Capela reserves the right to refuse any bookings.
  13. Capela accepts no liability for injury or accident however caused whilst attending a Capela event.
  14. All safety precautions laid down by the premises provider at the teaching site of each course must be adhered to by students.
  15. Capela will take all reasonable steps to provide services. However if industrial action or other circumstances beyond Capela’s control do not permit this Capela accepts no obligation to provide services laid down in promotional material.
  16. Whilst every c are is taken in the advice and education given by Capela tutors and staff, Capela does not accept liability for any loss, damage or other expense incurred from such advice and education services.
  17. Capela agrees to abide by the requirements of the Data Protection Act.
  18. Upon request, Capela will happily provide student progress reports to companies regarding their sponsored students.
  19. Any doubt or ambiguity of these terms and conditions shall be decided solely by Capela in accordance with English Law.