Marketing in China

Capela China trains and supports UK businesses in developing their Chinese tourism business. We form part of a network of complimentary services in the UK, Europe and in China, with highly trusted and experienced partners, some of the best known in Chinese tourism.

We help you to achieve visibility in China through a range of vital marketing services:

Chinese Website

  • Website design and development
  • Chinese website hosting
  • Mobile website development
  • Baidu search engine optimisation

Chinese video

Good Chinese content is vital for online marketing. It should be original and tailored, rather than a simple translation from English. Our Chinese video team can script, film, present and edit a film for your destination like the one below which has over 400,000 views in China.

Social media marketing

  • Sina Weibo/WeChat account set up and registration
  • Sina Weibo account verification
  • WeChat micro-blogging campaign
  • Mobile campaign
  • Sina Weibo/WeChat account management