Tucan Travel:
Reservations Training

travel_agent 290107Tucan Travel is a specialist Latin American tour operator situated in West London. The managers are a mixture of Brits and Antipodeans. However, the well travelled reservations staff form a polyglot community, including several native Spanish and Portuguese speakers. A major challenge was to train non-native speakers in the nuances of telephone communications in English.

Capela were appointed to train all telephone sales staff in customer service, sales and general telephone technique, starting with one day before the busy January season.

In December Capela spent a day delivering a bespoke programme in customer service, telephone technique and telephone sales to the whole sales team at Tucan’s London offices.

The staff were very enthusiastic, delighted to be given the opportunity to augment their excellent product knowledge with some customer service finesse. The feedback was excellent, new common service standards were established and the team went ahead into the sales season full of confidence.

Members of the Tucan management, including the Managing Director, subsequently attended various Capela short public courses in media training and PR skills. Reservations Training was first delivered in 2006, subsequently reprised in 2015 and 2016.