The Cruise Specialists:
CIM Case Study

Gillian Henderson
Marketing Manager
The Cruise Specialists

CIM Diploma in Digital Marketing 2011

Why did you choose to study the Diploma in Digital Marketing?
As internet marketing is The Cruise Specialists’ main route to market, I choose to study the Diploma in Digital Marketing as it offered a deeper insight in to all aspects of digital marketing. Covering not only well established marketing tools and also looking at emerging trends within digital marketing. If felt this this course would give me a good grounding to learn and understand learn more about the “animal” that is digital marketing!

Was the Capela course what you expected?
The Capela course was even better than I expected! Undertaking any type of studying whilst working full-time can be daunting for anyone, however the team at Capela do a fantastic job from start to finish. Before even signing up for the course, Gary was there to answer any questions that I had, so from day one I know what to expect from my diploma. The task handouts are really fantastic and give you great direction of what you should be paying special attention to and really helped to focus your study time. The two day tutorials were also extremely helpful and insightful, I think without these my study time would have been a lot harder. The tutors are fantastic and really do make the tutorial a very interesting and informative weekend.

Also to be able to get in a classroom with like-minded students, working within the same industry and reading the same course material really made me feel like I wasn’t alone in the process and it was so good to be able to bounce ideas and scenarios off each other. If I ever undertake further qualifications, Capela has really set the bar to a high standard – I’m not sure if any other training provider would be able to come up to the standards set by Capela!

What impact has this qualification had on your career or ability to carry out your job?
The director of the company has been very impressed with all of the course work I took on and submitted, with respect to this since completing my Diploma, I have been given a significant promotion within the business, to Marketing Manager. I feel the course did give me that extra edge to prove to my director that I was more than capable to carry out my new role and I could bring some new ideas to the table within the business.

Any further comments?
I would just like to add, for anyone working within the travel industry looking to study any type of marketing course, Capela should be your number one choice. Their expertise and experience really should guarantee that your study time will be an enjoyable one and they will be there to support you 100% throughout your study time!