SGGG Fund: CIM Case Study

Cori McGuffie,
SGGG Fund Services (Cayman) Inc

 CIM Diploma in Hospitality & Tourism Marketing 2010-2012

Why did you choose to study the Diploma in Hospitality & Tourism Marketing?
I studied marketing at university and an interest in tourism led me to base my final dissertation on a visitor attraction. The project successfully helped the organization to achieve its bid for a Heritage Lottery Grant and increase visitor numbers. I then worked as a senior sales consultant for a seafood company for 5 years before deciding it was time to further my career. I felt that, having graduated from university in 2003, my current qualifications could benefit from a bit of a refresh and some updating and looked to the CIM as it offers professional qualifications with international recognition. The Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism Marketing appealed immediately as the course was a way of increasing my knowledge and skills whilst concentrating on the industry in which I hoped to further my career.

Was the Capela course what you expected?
Yes. The tutors were very approachable and the course is well structured, which I expected from my first telephone chat with Gary. The tutors do a very good job of preparing you for your deadlines but it is a lot of work and a proactive approach to study and good time management are therefore required.

What impact has this qualification had on your career or ability to carry out your job?
None as yet due to the fact that, after attending the first tutorial I moved to Grand Cayman due to my now husband’s job. I was glad to learn that I could continue with the course on a distance learning basis and I hoped that, with tourism being one of the top industries on the island, I would be able to secure a marketing position with one of the big hotels or with the Tourism Association. Unfortunately, due to immigration laws, etc. I was unable to secure such a position and have now been working in fund administration for two years. That said, I have only just finished the course and my husband and I are moving to New Zealand shortly so I am hopeful that the qualification will help me to find a great job there!

Any further comments?
I gained so much from the first tutorial in London that I was worried I would be missing out on a lot by moving to the distance learning programme when I moved abroad. However, I found the course notes and assignment instructions to be thorough and the tutor support to be invaluable. I was delighted to receive As for all three of the modules I studied and am proud to be able to add the Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism Marketing to my CV!