Sandals St Lucia: CIM Case Study

Sheryl Scheper,
Sales & Marketing Manager,
Sandals St Lucia

CIM Diploma in Tourism Marketing 2006-2008

Why did you choose to study the CIM Diploma in Tourism Marketing?
I worked with the world’s leading all-inclusive hotel for several years as their Sales and Marketing Manager at two of their major hotels in St. Lucia. I acquired my marketing knowledge through on the job experience and wanted something tangible which would make me more marketable in the professional environment. I found out about the CIM marketing diploma through the Project Manager of The St. Lucia Hotel and Tourism Board, which collaborated with Capela on this new initiative. I decided to go ahead with the course knowing that CIM is one of the leading professional marketing institutions in the world.

Was the Capela course what you expected?
The course outline was exactly what I wanted. Since I was already in the day- to –day work setting, I could now apply the theoretic aspect to my work environment. At first, it was a bit over whelming since my job was extremely demanding. However, I was able to bring balance to the two after the first month and was well on my way.

What impact has this qualification had on your career or ability to carry out your job?
I believe that is important to remain current in your field. It is essential for you to keep abreast with what is happening in the industry. The course assisted me in applying the marketing knowledge to my every day work surroundings and provided an avenue for upward mobility within the organization.

Any further comments?
The online and face -to-face support from Capela was remarkable!!. The assistance and mentoring was above and beyond my expectations. Both Gary and Deborah were especially great in making me feel comfortable with the course outline. This was important to me since I had not studied for a long time. I was please with my grades. I would recommend this course to any one who is looking to develop their marketing knowledge. I enjoyed it !!!!!!!!!