glh. Hotels: CIM Case Study

Tara Farnham,
Business Transformation Manager
glh. Hotels
(formerly Thistle/Guoman Hotels)

CIM Diploma in Hospitality & Tourism Marketing 2012-2013

Why did you choose to study this particular CIM Marketing Diploma?
After leaving school having completed my A levels, I took a job in a local hotel and my career has progressed since then. I’ve had some fantastic roles including being the Executive Assistant to the MD of our company, but I never really felt like I’d found my niche. One of the best things about my job was that I had exposure to all areas of the business and soon developed an interest for marketing.

I was lucky enough to be offered a job as Customer Insight and Loyalty Manager and was encouraged by the CMO that I should study for a qualification. Having decided to go into marketing without any specific qualifications, I felt like it was important to show that I was serious, and to really understand marketing as a concept. I felt that the CIM Diploma would be perfect for that, although the thought of a brand new role and studying at the same time was a little daunting!

Was the Capela course what you expected?
Gary was great in the build up to me starting the Diploma. He explained how everything would work so I had a clear expectation of what to expect and more importantly, what was expected of me!

The support from Gary and the team was invaluable. The tutorials especially ensure that you have a good understanding of the subject matter before you lock yourself away in a dark room to start the real work. Gary facilitates in a way that means you don’t just sit and listen all day, but you really get involved and share experiences with people from the same industry. Without the tutorials, the study would be much harder, they really give you the confidence you need to get started.

What impact has this qualification had on your career or ability to carry out your job?
Having the CIM qualification has given me a wider understanding of the concept of marketing. I am able to draw from the learnings and put them into practice on a daily basis with the confidence that the decisions I am making are backed up by theory.

It has also resulted in my promotion to Business Transformation Manager where my responsibilities include marketing management of our rebranded management company glh. and also for supporting the development of three new hotel brands. It’s a very exciting position!

Any further comments?
I would highly recommend studying with Capela Training, their dedication to the success of their students is exceptional. I am really proud of what I have achieved and am very thankful to Gary and the team for helping me through it.