Flagship: CIM Case Study

Lewis Shields
Head of Digital and Social Media
Flagship Consulting

CIM Diploma in Hospitality & Tourism Marketing 2010-2011

Why did you choose to study the CIM Diploma in Hospitality & Tourism Marketing?
Having spent more than two years working in travel PR, I wanted to get a wider understanding of marketing strategy in the sector. The CIM Diploma initially appealed to me because of the range of areas covered in the course, from consumer behaviour to planning and implementing a marketing plan. The self-study format meant that I could work around my own timetables and work pressures and wouldn’t have to tie myself to weekly classes.

Was the Capela course what you expected?
Yes, very much so. The course was well structured and run. The course materials were delivered with a clear outline of key sections to research and the tutorials provided instruction on what was expected from candidates in their written assessment.

What impact has this qualification had on your career or ability to carry out your job?
The course has provided me with a wider understanding of the marketing mix and how PR slots into the overall picture. The planning for PR campaigns is informed by other areas in marketing so that they are even more integrated with the overall marketing strategy for my clients.

Any further comments?
I particularly enjoyed the lively tutorial sessions. It was very useful to meet other people in the industry working in different roles and the tutorial itself set me up to complete the examinations.