EXO Travel: CIM Case Study

Louise Nathan,
Business Development Manager,
EXO Travel Asia

CIM Diploma in Digital Marketing 2010-2013

Why did you choose to study this Diploma?
I was looking for a CIM course that allowed me to focus in on my industry as well as developing my marketing knowledge and skills for a new role I had started. I liked the fact it was flexible and I was offered the opportunity to distance learn as I was living overseas in Thailand at the time. The course seemed to be very relevant to the field I was working in, my past experience and future career path. I also liked the fact that the assessments were all course work, rather than exams, which personally suits my style of studying.

Was the Capela course what you expected?
The course offered a good balance of topics and information. The work load was significant and a challenge whilst working full time, but manageable with good planning and no socialising during the run up to deadlines! There was some repetition in information between modules, however in some ways this was positive as it helped revise and consolidate the topics.

What impact has this qualification had on your career or ability to carry out your job?
At the time of studying and working in marketing, I was able to apply some of the theories to my day to day work. I was also able to use my work as case study for the course which was beneficial for the role at the time.

Any further comments
The course was in the main focused on B2C marketing, which although useful, was not so entirely relevant for the field that I work in. That said there was some content covering B2B and many of the practices and theories are to some extent transferable. It would have been useful to have access to the information delivered in the tutorials that I wasn’t able to attend – perhaps they could be recorded or streamed in the future? I was pleased with my grades, especially with studying remotely.