Escape Marketing:
CIM case study

Gemma Lewis,
Managing Director,
Escape Marketing

CIM Diploma in Tourism Marketing 2007-2009

Why did you choose to study the CIM Diploma in Tourism Marketing?
I had lived in the Caribbean for 10 years and re-located to London in 2007. Having obtained my Degree and an MBA over 8 years ago, I was looking for a course to help refresh my marketing academia but with a focus on the Tourism Industry rather than general business studies. It was important that the qualification came from a highly recognised and respected authority, so I researched various Marketing organisations and it became apparent that the CIM is the leading professional marketing body in the UK. Further, they were offering a course completely suited to my needs! My career had been quite varied up to that point but I found myself returning to the travel industry and I had gained a real passion for it. The Diploma provided the opportunity to apply both my academic skills and real life experience in a challenging and rewarding environment.

Was the Capela course what you expected?
I had an instructive one on one interview with Capela where the course, its contents and what was expected of me was made clear at the outset. I decided to do the course with no illusions about the amount of work and dedication required to successfully complete it. I enjoy reading and challenging myself. I am self-motivated so self study did not prove an issue for me. The tutorials are incredibly valuable and I would have enjoyed more of them as this is the time where you really engage in the learning experience and work as a team with other students.

What impact has this qualification had on your career or ability to carry out your job?
As a professional I believe it is vital that you periodically take time out to study your field of expertise, it is critical to stay up to date with industry developments and academic progress within your discipline. I had not studied for a while and have found that the course has really helped me re-focus and apply marketing tools and knowledge on a day to day basis, which leads to more effective work!

Any further comments?
I would recommend the course wholeheartedly to anyone seeking to improve their marketing knowledge and further their career development, particularly if you have not studied within a Further Education environment before e.g. University. Makes use of your tutors advice and get assignment drafts in as early as possible in order to take full advantage of their comments. Attending the tutorials is a must, as is good time management (you will need to give up many an evening and weekend), support from friends/family/employer and self-motivation. I am certainly proud to be able to add this qualification to my resume.