Cayman Islands: CIM Case Study

Gillian Young
Marketing Executive,
Cayman Islands Department of Tourism

CIM Diploma in Hospitality & Tourism Marketing 2007-2010

Why did you choose to study the CIM Diploma in Hospitality & Tourism Marketing?
The course was recommended by my manager who recognised that a CIM marketing diploma as a good qualification to have. It also allowed flexibility and fitted around my normal working hours.

Was the Capela course what you expected?
The course was more intensive than I expected but worthwhile in the end. The tutorials, online resources and tutor support is invaluable and made completing the course a bit easier. It also made me more aware of marketing from the perspective of tour operators and other tourism providers.

What impact has this qualification had on your career or ability to carry out your job?
It has made me more aware of trends and general tourism marketing issues which I wasn’t previously aware of. It has also made me look at marketing on a much larger scale and apply more to my day to day activities.

Any further comments?
The course made me look at things I never thought I would in my role of a marketing executive. It was good to meet many like minded people working in the field of tourism who were in the same boat as me i.e. haven’t studied for a while, juggling work events and wanting to learn something new. It was also very flexible so when work pressures took over, I could take a break from a module and start again when necessary. It is a hugely rewarding course and great results can be achieved once the time and effort is put in.