Advantage Travel Agents -
Digital Marketing Training

Advantage is one of the leading travel agents' consortium in the UK with over 600 members. Research indicated that Advantage members felt they would benefit from training in practical digital marketing skills.

Capela were appointed by Advantage to deliver this training, firstly in London, then in other centres around the UK.

In advance of the busy January period, Capela delivered a course to the first group of 10 agents in December. The course focused on these areas: websites, search engine marketing, email marketing and social media, in an interactive forum aimed at practical individual solutions.

The training was very well received by delegates. There was some variation in levels of delegates' previous knowledge, which meant having to progress less rapidly at times. This led to some areas being less fully covered. However, all delegates took away valuable and practical measures which could be readily implemented in the workplace.

Some comments from delegates:
I found the whole course useful, in particular the information on search engines and how they work and the many different types of social media.

Good informative course, could possibly have been spread over 2 days.

Very useful day, I came away realising that I am not going to be able to compete with the 'big boys' with on-line sales so need to concentrate on getting an attractive website and maximise existing customers.

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